Arundhati Roy

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Date: 1961 - Present

Region: Asia

Subject: Political/Economic/Social Opinion

Medium: Public Art

Artist: Arundhati Roy

Confronting Bodies: Government court of India

Dates of Action: March, 2002

Location: Narmada Valley, India

Description of Artwork: The award-winning novelist, Arundhati Roy, suggested that a government panel sought to "muzzle dissent." This came while he voiced his opposition to the erection of a dam that was also protested by local farmers.

The Incident: Protesters in the Narmada Valley feared that their homes could be flooded if the dam is built. Roy stood beside the protesters in their objection.

Results of Incident: Roy was jailed for one day, after Justice RP Sethi said that the freedom of speech did not grant anyone license to scandalize the court or lower its dignity.

Source: Frontline, BBC [[Category:21st century