Ash Art Project (Italy)

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Date: 2007

Region: Europe

Subject: Political/Economic/Social Opinion

Medium: Electronic Media, Internet

Artist: Luca Lo Coco

Confronting Bodies: Europe Flash Art Director Giancarlo Politi and the Court of Palermo, Italy

Date of Action: 22/08/2007

Location: Italia, Between Milano and Palermo

Description of Artwork:, an online artwork critical of the European art magazine Flash Art, was launched.

The Incident: The Court of Palermo, upon the request of the Director of FlashArt editor Giancarlo Politi, shut down both and Politi has spread a black veil over the project by twenty two year-old Palermitan, Luca Lo Coco.

Results of Incident: Blackout of web sites and

Source: Luca Lo Coco, from (email: [email protected])