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Artist: Bohemian Taboo Stories

Year: 2019

Date of Action: May 2019

Region: Europe

Location: Prague, Czech Republic

Subject: Explicit Sexuality, Nudity

Medium: Internet, Literature, Mixed Media, Painting, Photography

Confronting Bodies: Facebook

Description of Artwork: Book Bohemian Taboo Stories - About People Who Do Something Sexy is a book aiming to contribute to destigmatisation of taboo eroticism or human sexuality as well as to discourse on true moral values in a society where eroticism and sex usually appear as another issue, instead of dealing with the true problems. The book is a collection of twenty interesting stories of people who found the courage to get to know themselves as well as their bodies and their true erotic needs and, in their profession or leisure time, chose a direction which eroticism and sex is, in one way or another, reflected, whether directly.

To be found in the Bohemian Taboo Stories book, are stories of people from the most varied spheres. From scientists working for the Laboratory of evolution sexology and psychopathology within the National Institute of Mental Health, historians, actors, artists, performers, writers, psychologists, photographers, sexual assistants to organisers of fetish events and many other.

It is also accompanied with illustrations and photographs and, in respect of content as well as graphic design. At the same time, the publishing of the book expected to be accompanied by discussions and pop-up exhibitions.

The aim of the Bohemian Taboo company is to open discussions about those topics, teach public about erotic art, help to create better education programme and help individuals who are feeling frustrated by society.

The Incident: After publishing illustrations and photographs from the book during our crowdfunding campaign for the issuing the book, some of the posts were banned and deleted. Then the Facebook page made invisible for public. After sending request for the review and discussion with some Facebook content admin, when we sent explanation about the book, the social, art and education meaning of the book and our posts, the content admin promised to review our request, the page has been deleted instead. We'v lost contact with all fans and all crowdfunding contributors. Then we had to create new Facebook page.

Results of Incident: Several free and paid posts bans, Facebook page deleted finally.