Challenged Book: Monster

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Artist: Walter Dean Myers

Year: 2013

Date of Action: 5/14/13

Region: North America

Location: Oak Park, Illinois school

Subject: Sexual/Gender Orientation, Youth

Medium: Literature

Confronting Bodies: Oak Park, Illinois

Description of Artwork: Written by Walter Dean Myers, Monster (1999) is a fictional, courtroom drama about an African American teen on trial for murder.

The Incident: Seven D97 families filed a request with the district last month to have Monster removed because it contained explicit language and mature themes. A "request for reconsidering" can be made under board policy, which deals with educational materials deemed "offensive or controversial."

Results of Incident: In response, District 97 will offer those parents an alternative book for their students to read. The district will not remove the novel Monster from its reading curriculum, based on a decision made last week by school administration following a review of the book.