Everyone Loves a Parade!

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Artist: Pierre Hardy

Year: 2020

Date of Action: November 2018-August 2020

Region: North America

Location: Burlington, Vermont

Subject: Political/Economic/Social Opinion

Medium: Public Art

Confronting Bodies: Burlington City Council

Description of Artwork: "Everyone Loves a Parade!" mural, completed in 2012 by Canadian muralist Pierre Hardy, was intended to commemorate French explorer Samuel de Champlain’s arrival in the region more than 400 years ago as well as the progression of time along Church Street, where the mural was displayed. It has been criticized as racist for its lack of inclusion of the Abenaki tribe and people of color.

The Incident: The City Council’s contract with the artist called for the mural to be on display for 10 years, from 2012 through 2022. However, after public outcry and vandalism attempts, and after the election of a new slate of council members, the City Council decided to remove or cover the mural in 2018.

Results of Incident: The mural was removed in August 2020. It is being stored at the Burlington International Airport indefinitely.