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This is the beginning of the "Censorship Incident" form. You can use this form to create a new article page about a censorship case.

First Time Adding a Case?

Ready To Start?

  • To begin your new page, enter your title below (if a page with that name already exists, you will be sent to a form to edit that page)
  • Remember to name your case. For most cases, the page should be named after the title of the censored work
  • If the work is particularly obscure (having few or no significant hits on Google) and has a short and non-descript name, append "(medium)" to the title (without quotes) where medium indicates if the work is a book, film, TV show, etc
  • All instances of censorship of a work should be listed on that work's article page.
  • Add {{DISPLAYTITLE:<span style="font-style: italic;">Title Of Article</span>}} in the Free Text box box of the Censorship incident Form when the title should appear in italics, in accordance with commonly accepted manuals of style
  • If an entire show was banned, or more than one work from the show or exhibit, use the title of the exhibit. If only a single work was rejected, use the title of the work
  • If a work doesn't have a title (or the title is impossible to find), and was not part of an exhibit with a title, use the name of the artist
    • If a work has no title, was not part of an entitled exhibit, and had many creators –such as with a community mural– make a title out of the location and medium (e.g. "West Side High School Mural (Plainesville, OH)")