Hans Haccke: unfinished business

Artist: Hans Haccke, Brian Wallis

Year: 1970's

Date of Action:

Region: North America

Subject: Political/Economic/Social Opinion

Medium: Installation

Confronting Bodies:

Description of Artwork: Visual Arts

The Incident: In 1971, the Guggenheim cancelled a solo show by the conceptual artist Hans Haacke six weeks before it was scheduled to open. One piece charted the shady business dealings of a low-income landlord, and the museum feared it might face a lawsuit. Haacke refused to amend it, the curator was fired, and the Guggenheim’s director told the Times, “I have no sympathy for slumlords, but I don’t consider that the museum is the proper platform to launch what is essentially a social reform

Results of Incident: Not provided yet.