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Date: 1994

Region: North America

Subject: Sexual/Gender Orientation

Medium: Print Journalism

Artist: Gene Barnes

Confronting Bodies: Canadian Customs officer

Dates of Action: 1994

Location: Canadian Border

Description of Artwork: Described as "a Radical Fairie Porn Magazine full of hairy men and wonderful poetry" (Aliens Cut My Hair site)

The Incident: Of a whole box of 'zines sent together in a box to the 'zine conference ‘’Spew’’, in Canada, only I Heart Amy Carter made it-a month later.The "notice of determination" refers to provision 114 of the Customs Tariff and code 9956 of Schedule VII. Tammy Rae Carlan (who produces the I Heart Amy Carter 'zine) wrote, "Apparently my friend Gene's infamous and hot hairy fag rag Hippie Dick and my friend Kelly's wondrous work of genius Thorn (zine) were confiscated for pornographic content. Something about representation of anal sex and fist fucking. True enough Hippie Dick is an out and about porn zine (which by the way I highly recommend to anyone into hairy boys) but the idea of censoring this is unabashed homophobia. But of course that is the premise of these literal/visual border crossing laws, isn't it-that is to squelch any expression of anything that is not male-female ministry position procreative sex. And Thorn was censored for one piece of writing (which by the way I wrote] that was a very short but sweet recounting of some good old fashioned lesbo sex. And just for the record it wasn't necessarily fist fucking, three fingers does not a fist make."

Results of Incident: Thorn (zine) along with Hippie Dicks and ‘’I Heart Amy Carter’’ continue to be produced in the United States.

Source: I Heart Amy Carter #3; Thorn #5