Jonathan Weichsel Book Covers

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Artist: Jonathan Weichsel

Year: 2022

Date of Action: 2022

Region: North America

Subject: Explicit Sexuality

Medium: Design, Literature

Confronting Bodies:

Description of Artwork: Jonathan Weichsel had three books with covers that were of concern to the Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers Association. Ebu Gogo shows a naked woman holding a gun, Jungle Jitters shows three women partially or fully naked posing with apes, and Five Maidens on the Pentagram shows a woman in undergarments strapped to a pentagram.

The Incident: Weichsel posted a link to an interview, which shows the cover art, in a Discord built for Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers Association. The moderator removed the link and messaged Weichsel that his post was not "professionally courteous" and that the nature of the cover art violated SFWA harassment policies.

Results of Incident: The three books that were talked about in the interview were all used in Weichsel's application to SFWA to become a member. Weichsel attempted to dispute these claims and explain that the Discord moderator's decision put him in an "unsafe position." He reasoned that he would like a refund of his membership dues and to resign from the organization if he did not receive written assurance that it was appropriate for him to share links to his books and work. After consulting with the president, SFWA told Weichsel that they believe their moderation policy was applied correctly. As a result, Weichsel proceeded with his resignation.