Neil Kirkpatrick (student)

Date: 2004

Region: North America

Subject: Language

Medium: Music

Artist: Neil Kirkpatrick, Rage Against the Machine and various rock bands

Confronting Bodies: Principal of St. Pius X School, Mary Thompson

Dates of Action: March 2004

Location: Portland, Oregon

Description of Artwork: Kirkpatrick wrote an e-mail to his classmates admitting that he liked rock music. He named several bands that he favors, such as Rage Against the Machine and Korn. There was no profanity or violence contained in the e-mail.

The Incident: Kirkpatrick admitted to listening to rock music in school and in an e-mail to friends. The principal, Mary Thompson, told Neil's parents, Sherry and Dan Kirkpatrick, that their son was "a moral and spiritual detriment," to the student body at St. Pius X. She also asked the Kirkpatricks, "what kind of parents would allow their child to listen to that kind of music?"

Results of Incident: The school expelled Neil without informing or interviewing Neil or his parents.