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Artist: "Christiana" (Artist goes by her first name)

Year: 2009

Date of Action: February 2009

Region: North America

Location: Long Beach, California

Subject: Nudity

Medium: Painting

Confronting Bodies: Phantom Galleries L.A.

Description of Artwork: Two paintings--part of a collection of 70 works titled "4 Chambers"--depicting female nudes, rendered in a panoply of blue and orange hues.

The Incident: Phantom Galleries L.A., a group that makes use of vacant buildings for temporary art displays, arranged to have artist "Christiana" show 70 works in a show titled, "4 Chambers." The sponsor of the show--Phantom Galleries--targeted two of the paintings for their "overt sexual nudity."

Results of Incident: While the artist defended her work, noting that "there is nothing obscene or pornographic about either of the these paintings," the sponsors insisted that, as the directors of the program, it was permissible for them to exclude as many of the works as they felt necessary.