Romanian government forbids all languages except Romanian

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Date: 1995 - 2005 [[:Category:|]] [[:Category:|]]

Region: Europe [[:Category:|]] [[:Category:|{location3}]]

Subject: Racial/Ethnic [[:Category:|]] [[:Category:|]]

Medium: Textbook Literature Public Art

Artist: Romanian educators

Confronting Bodies: Romanian government

Dates of Action: December 1997

Location: Romania

Description of Artwork: Any educational material or speech taught in Romanian schools.

The Incident: In December 1997 the Romanian Senate passed amendments to their education law forbidding the instruction of history and geography in any language but Romanian. In addition, the law forbade universities from teaching in any minority languages.

Results of Incident: The Romanian language is compulsory in all schools throughout the country.

Source: Index on Censorship, 2/97 [[Category:]] [[Category:]] [[Category:]] [[Category:]] [[Category:]] [[Category:]]