Scout Willis Instagram Deleted


Artist: Scout Willis

Year: 2014

Date of Action: May 2014

Region: North America

Location: Online

Subject: Nudity

Medium: Design, Photography

Confronting Bodies: Instagram

Description of Artwork: Black sweatshirt with two topless women standing.

The Incident: Instagram made the controversial decision to delete Scout Willis' public account after she posted a photo that was not appropriate and violated "community guidelines." The photo consisted of her own personal design of a naked woman on a sweatshirt. Scout, and many other angered Women, took this as a personal attack on the female body.

Results of Incident: Scout decided that she would post a topless photo of herself walking through the streets of New York on a different social media cite, Twitter. She captioned the nude photo "what Instagram won't let you see #FreeTheNipple." This movement has now received massive amount of coverage in the media through outlets such as The New York Daily News, Elle, E!, Jezebel, TMZ, Page Six, ABC, Fox News, and NBC. Scout also used this as a way to discuss breastfeeding, breast cancer survivors, and sexist guidelines overall.