The Beam Series (sculpture)

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Artist: Eda Easton

Year: 2007

Date of Action: August 2021

Region: North America

Location: Mansfield, Connecticut



Confronting Bodies: Mansfield Community Center staff

Description of Artwork: The pieces featured bronze human figures set on steel beams in various positions.

The Incident: The pieces were set up for display in the Mansfield Community Center, but elicited complaints from several of the community members, including at least one mother, for their sexual content, a charge with the artist denied completely.

Results of Incident: After protest from the town's inhabitants and the NCAC, the town reversed its decision, apologized to both Eaton and George Jacobi, whose artwork had also been removed, [1] and agreed to work with the NCAC to create an official policy for displaying art in public buildings.

Source: 1 two-local-artists-george-jacobi-removed