Tit for Twat (photo collage)

From Censorpedia

Date: 2010

Region: Europe

Subject: Political/Economic/Social Opinion, Sexual/Gender Orientation

Medium: Photography

Artist: Kaucyila Brooke

Confronting Bodies: National Geological Museum of Romania, Bucharest Biennale officials

Date of Action: May 19, 2010

Location: National Geological Museum in Bucharest, Romania


Description of Artwork: Tit for Twat is a three part photo montage, photo novella, gender art narrative originally created in 1993 (it is an on-going work). It addresses the biblical presumption of heterosexuality and its relationship to other theories of origin, notions of innovation and origin in history, creationism, science and material culture.

The Incident: Brooke was to present her work at the Bucharest Biennale in the National Geological Museum. However, when the director of the museum viewed the exhibit, which was just partially finished, he demanded that the exhibit be removed. Officials at the Biennale obliged him and removed the work. There is no room or other resources for Tit for Twat to be shown on. It is unknown as to the reason for the de-installation.

Results of Incident: Tit for Twat was not shown at the Biennale in Bucharest but Brooke has stated "Rather than keeping it out of the public eye, the removal of Tit for Twat by The Geology Institute’s director inadvertently made it all the more pertinent to the current social climate."

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