Too Young to Die (film)

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Date: 2002

Region: Asia

Subject: Explicit Sexuality, Nudity

Medium: Film Video


Artist: Park Jin-pyo

Confronting Bodies: The Korea Media Rating Board

Dates of Action: 2002

Location: Korea

Description of Artwork: A South Korean romantic drama Too Young To Die - about a real-life couple in their 70s. The film features widower Park Chi-gyu, 72, and Lee Sun-ye, a 71-year-old widow. After years of loneliness, they met at a senior citizens' centre and fell in love and married. It shows how he taught his new wife to read and she taught him to sing - and how the couple rediscovered their sex life.

The Incident: The Korea Media Rating Board objected to a seven-minute long scene showing the couple making love.

Results of Incident: The scene - filmed in an empty room with just a camera and the actual couple has been declared "unfit for public viewing" despite film being a hit at Cannes.