Uitgeverij Guggenheimer

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Date: 1999

Region: Europe

Subject: Language

Medium: Literature

Uitgeverij Guggenheimer.jpg


  • Author: Herman Brusselmans (b. 1957)
  • Publisher: Standaard Books

Confronting Bodies: Ann Demeulemeester

Dates of Action: November 1999

Location: Belgium

Description of Artwork: Writer Herman Brusselmans from Gent, Belgium wrote a fictional novel about a publisher named Guggenheimer, a man without scruples and a huge libido; Guggenheimer is a fictitious character but the people who are described as having sex with this character are not, such as fashion designer Ann Demeulemeester.

The Incident: Ann Demeulemeester, who did not appreciate being described as an ugly woman sucking Guggenheimer's fictional penis, filed a lawsuit.

Results of Incident: The lawsuit was successful and the book was recalled in Belgium.

Source: Gossip and newspaper articles