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Info on formatting as you're entering a case[edit]

When you're entering information on a case, there may be times when you want to format your text so that it will be italicized, in bold, or have other attributes. To do this, you will have to type in a little bit of code along with the text you're entering. Some common format changes and their codes are listed below.

To italicize your text, put it between two apostrophes, like ''this''.

To make your text bold, put it between three apostrophes like '''this'''.

To make your text both bold and italicized, put it between five apostrophes like '''''this'''''.

Links to external sites are automatically generated if you type in the full address of the site. Entering https://www.ncac.org gives me a link that looks like this: https://www.ncac.org

If you'd like your link to look like this rather than the URL, enter [https://www.ncac.org this rather than the URL]

Notes on Medium:
“Electronic Media” includes Games.
“Painting” includes Drawings and Prints.
“Literature” includes all forms of writing.

For more information on formatting, check out https://www.mediawiki.org/wiki/Help:Formatting

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