American Music Awards: Adam Lambert's Sexual Behavior Edited

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Date: 2009

Region: North America

Subject: Homosexuality

Medium: Television

Artist: Adam Lambert

Confronting Bodies: Parents' Television Council, ABC Network

Dates of Action: November 2009

Location: United States

Description of Artwork: Adam Lambert performed one of his hit singles at the American Music Awards and shocked audiences by kissing a male band mate and simulating oral sex on stage.

The Incident: Adam Lambert performed at the American Music Awards in Los Angeles in November 2009. During his performance he kissed his male guitarist on the lips and simulated oral sex with a dancer. The broadcast aired live on the East Coast but was delayed on the West Coast. During the East Coast broadcast the homosexual kiss and oral sex simulation were both shown but when his performance aired on the West Coast the oral sex act was edited out of the broadcast. The ABC network received 1,500 complaints about the incident and the Parents Television Council posted a statement deeming the show "tasteless" and "vulgar."

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