GoGreen58's Confederate Flag

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Date: 2011

Region: United States

Subject: Free Speech, Personal Opinion

Medium: Decoration, Flag

Artist: Byron Thomas

Confronting Bodies: Housing Office of the University of South Carolina Beaufort

Dates of Action: 2011

Location: South Carolina, USA

Description of Artwork: The Confederate Flag; unofficial symbol of the south that represented the US confederacy

The Incident: 19-year old University of South Carolina Beaufort student Byron Thomas (GoGreen58), decorated his window with a confederate flag after having done research and a school project on the symbol. He was directed to remove the flag from his window to avoid offending other people. A threat to his freedom of speech and his beliefs that the flag is merely a symbol of "southern pride", Thomas has since gone viral and posted a video of why he feels he shouldn't have to remove the flag and his plans to fight if he is forced to.

Results of Incident: Flag has been removed from Thomas's window.

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