Gone, Yet Still (exhibit)

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Date: 2008

Region: Europe

Subject: Explicit Sexuality Religious

Medium: Sculpture


Artist: Terence Koh (b. 1977)

Confronting Bodies: Emily Maptuwa & the Christian Legal Center

Dates of Action: Exhibit ran September 2007 - January 2008. Suit filed for a September 2008 court hearing.

Location: Baltic Centre for Contemporary Art in Gateshead, England.


Description of Artwork: Gone, Yet Still is an exhibit comprised of dozens of plaster objects, including statues of such figures as Mickey Mouse, E.T., and Jesus, all shown with erections.

The Incident: The Baltic Centre for Contemporary Art was taken to court to face charges of offending public decency by Emily Mapfuwa, represented by the Christian Legal Center. Ms. Mapfuwa did not view the exhibit and lives 250 miles from Gateshead.

Results of Incident: The Court case was heard September 23, 2008 (well after the exhibit had closed). The case was eventually discontinued by the Crown Prosecution Service.

Source: http://www.artinfo.com/news/story/28254/baltic-centre-to-face-suit-over-koh-christ-sculpture/; http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Christian_Legal_Centre