Imaginary Coordinates (exposition)

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Artist: N/A

Year: 2008

Date of Action: June 2008

Region: North America

Location: Chicago, Illinois

Subject: Political/Economic/Social Opinion

Medium: Installation

Confronting Bodies: Spertus Institute of Jewish Studies

Description of Artwork: The display was a part of a series of expos in museums around the Chicago area which focused on maps. It contained several images which some patrons of the museum considered anti-semitic. Some of the images included a video of a nude woman using a hula hoop of barbed wire against a Mediterranean backdrop near Tel Aviv, a collection of post cards that showed Palestinians working, playing and mourning, and a video of a woman driving around Jerusalem asking for directions to a Palestinian town in the West Bank, which many people described as far away when, in fact, it is quite close.

The Incident: After the exhibition was put up, several angry patrons objected to the display showing Israel in a negative light. One unnamed member of the board of directors threatened to resign if the display remained.

Results of Incident: The exhibition was shut down prematurely.

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