Just Another Creation Theory (sculpture)

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Date: 2003

Region: North America

Subject: Political/Economic/Social Opinion

Medium: Sculpture

Artist: Joy Crane

Confronting Bodies: USGS(United States Geological Survey)

Dates of Action: February 7,2003

Location: EROS (Earth Resources Observation Systems)Data Center, Karl Mundt Federal Building, Sioux Falls, SD

Description of Artwork: The beaded wall sculpture is a representation of the birth canal with the planet Earth being "born" from it. There is a black recess behind the Earth which has silver planets and stars shining in it as a representation of the universe.

The Incident: A show which included the piece was hung in the public gallery area at EROS Data Center on 1/4/03. On 1/7/03, the chief of EROS told Crane's husband, who works at EROS, to take the piece, as well as one other piece (Pregnant Man-Complete!) down as they were "inappropriate". Crane's husband told the chief that this constituted censorship. The chief said that he was checking with other government offices to see what exhibit "policies" they had in place and would get back to him. In the meantime, the 2 pieces were taken down. Crane sent a letter of protest to the chief on 1/9/03 asking that the pieces be rehung. She also sent copies of the letter to the local newspaper. The chief received their letter 1/10/03 and told Crane's husband he would get back to Crane in a few days - early the following week. Since she didn't hear anything by the following Wednesday(1/15/03), Crane wrote to the NCAC and asked for help. Svetlana Mintcheva called the chief of EROS and spoke with him.

Results of Incident: The two sculptures were never allowed back into the exhibit which ended on 1/31/03. On 2/1/03, the local newspaper ran the story with a picture of the Pregnant Man sculpture on the front page and the Creation Theory sculpture on an inside page. The chief of EROS never got back to Crane.

Source: The artist, Joy Crane.