Lynn Street Park Art Tile Project

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Date: 2002

Region: North America

Subject: Political/Economic/Social Opinion

Medium: Mixed Media

Artist: Residents of Eastlake area, Seattle

Confronting Bodies: Seattle's Parks and Recreation Department

Dates of Action: July, 2002

Location: Lynn Street Park, Eastlake, Seattle

Description of Artwork: The project was sponsored by Friends of Lynn Street Park Art Tile Project to celebrate and commemorate the tightknit neighborhood. During two community tile-making workshops, more than 120 people drew images of Fourth of July fireworks, fish and houseboats. Others remembered residents of the community such as Tom and Peggy Stockley, who died in the 2000 Alaska Airlines crash.

Tom Stockley was a Seattle Times wine columnist, and several tiles dedicated to him depicted wine — such as one with shrimp, a lemon slice and a glass of vino.

The Incident: The Parks Department had notified the tile-project group that four tiles were going to be removed. The decision to remove four hand-painted tiles from a public art project at the park was made because of their depictions of wine glasses and bottles. "Alcohol is not allowed in any park, and we were just being consistent with our policy" said parks spokeswoman Dewey Potter.

Results of Incident: Mayor Greg Nickels weighed in and the department reconsidered its decision. The references to wine can stay.

Source:, NCAC