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Date: 2002

Region: Central America and the Caribbean

Subject: Political/Economic/Social Opinion

Medium: Radio


Artist: -0

Confronting Bodies: Baja California state radio stations

Dates of Action: July 2002

Location: Tijuana, Mexico

Description of Artwork: Narco-corridos are the northern Mexican folk songs that chronicle the tales of drug lords to the backdrop of accordions and strumming guitars.

The Incident: Baja California state radio stations signed an agreement to ban Narco-corridos songs, and instead have decided to play only songs that promote positive messages and good values. They also urged Spanish-language U.S. stations across the border in California to do the same. "We should promote this self-imposed regulation to avoid converting into heroes and examples people who break the laws of our country," Casio Carlos Narvaez, a representative of the Radio and Television Industry Chamber, said.

Results of Incident: -0

Source:, NCAC