Natural Born Killers (film)

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Date: 1995

Region: Europe

Subject: Violence, Political/Economic/Social Opinion

Medium: Film Video

Artist: Oliver Stone

Confronting Bodies: The parish of Forest Constables

Dates of Action: February 1995

Location: Guernsey, Channel Islands

Description of Artwork: Film about two people who go on a killing spree, and are made heroes by the media.

The Incident: Although the British Board of Censors gave the film an 18 cert. the Constables were given the chance to view the film before the viewing date after which they decided that it could not be shown. As Guernsey is split into 12 parishes the film can still be shown in any other parish.

Results of Incident: The other cinema on the Island in ST Peter Port have said they have no intention of showing the film either in the near future. As this film is not liklely to get a video rating, people living on Guerney will have to miss out.

Source: Mike Freestone