The Dirty Cowboy

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Dirty Cowboy.PNG

Artist: Amy Timberlake, Adam Rex

Year: 2012

Date of Action: May 2012

Region: North America

Location: Annville-Cleona School District

Subject: Nudity


Confronting Bodies: Annville-Cleona School Board

Description of Artwork: A story about a cowboy taking his annual bath. He tells his dog to watch his clothes while he bathes and when he comes out, he's so clean the dog does not recognize him and won't return his clothes, so they fight over the clothes. Cowboy is partially nude throughout much of the book, but his sensitive areas are imaginatively obscured by a boot, a hat, a frog, etc.

The Incident: Two parents of one child objected to the "nudity" in the book, calling it "pornographic." After reviewing the book (with the parents present) the superintendent suggested it be removed, notwithstanding objections on the part of the school librarian.

Results of Incident: School board voted 8-0 to ban the book from school libraries in Annville-Cleona.


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