Art Farm

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Artist: Wim Delvoye

Year: 2008

Date of Action: September, 2008

Region: Asia

Location: Shanghai

Subject: Political/Economic/Social Opinion, Violence

Medium: Installation, Mixed Media, Public Art

Confronting Bodies: Shanghai Contemporary Art Fair

Description of Artwork: Eight pigs tattooed with Louis Vuitton monogram logo were presented as art to the Shanghai Art Fair.

The Incident: Wim Delvoye, a 43-year-old Belgian conceptual artist used eight live pigs as his canvas in an exhibit called "Art Farm." The artist tattooed the pigs at a young age and tracked their growth as they aged. The art fair banned the work from the 2008 show. The organization felt using live animals both as a medium and as a sellable commodity was unethical, particularly because in a previous controversial art show Delvoye displayed only the skin of the pigs he had watched grow, then killing and stuffing them for the price of about £106,000.

Results of Incident: No collaborations have since been had between the Shanghai Art fair and Wim Delvoye.