Arte Cubano Actual (exhibition)

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Date: 1991

Region: Central America and the Caribbean

Subject: Political/Economic/Social Opinion

Medium: Mixed Media, Performance Art, Installation, Painting

Artist: Pon Juan-Francisco, Consuelo Castaneda, Pedro Vizcaino and others

Confronting Bodies: Cuban Ministry of Culture

Dates of Action: November 1991

Location: Havana, Cuba

Description of Artwork: A politically charged exhibition of contemporary Cuban artists.

The Incident: The exhibition was scheduled to open in downtown Havana, on November 15, during the Havana Biennial. After being postponed several times, the exhibition was finally moved to the site of the Pan American Games villa, which was nearly impossible to reach, for most of the city's populace, due to the severe transportation problems.

Results of Incident: The attempted isolation of the exhibition was not entirely successful, however, in that it did not prevent chocolate manufacturer Peter Ludwig from purchasing Pon Juan-Francisco's multi-painting installation.

Source: "Testing the Limits", by Jay Murphy. "Art in America", October 1992, p.65-69. Category:Mixed Media