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Artist: Amy Greenfield

Year: 2010

Date of Action: February 2010

Region: North America

Location: New York, USA

Subject: Nudity

Medium: Film Video

Confronting Bodies: Youtube

Description of Artwork: The film is an evening-long film cycle of six interlinking films which were described by New York Post writer, Vince Musetto, as being a "female empowering mix of cutting edge film and raw performance art."

The Incident: In February of 2010, YouTube removed a number of videos containing nudity from their site, these include Greenfield's dance performance videos.

Results of Incident: Greenfield was extremely angered by YouTube's removal of her work from their site. She contacted The National Coalition Against Censorship to fight this censorship of nudity. Ultimately, YouTube made the unprecedented and groundbreaking decision to restore her videos onto the site, recognizing her use of nudity as art .