Coverage of Kunming Station Attack

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Artist: Journalists/Reporters

Year: 2014

Date of Action: March 1, 2014

Region: Asia

Location: Kunming, China

Subject: Political/Economic/Social Opinion, Violence

Medium: Photography, Print Journalism

Confronting Bodies: Chinese Government

Description of Artwork: Journalistic coverage of an incident in which a group of eight men and women attacked passengers at the Kunming railway station with knives. 33 people were killed, including four of the attackers, and 143 others were injured. The remaining living suspects have been arrested.

The Incident: News coverage of this event was heavily censored. The following message was sent to the media by the State Council Information Office:

Media that report on the knife attack incident that occurred March 1 at the Kunming railway station must strictly adhere to Xinhua News Agency wire copy or information provided by local authorities. Do not treat the story with large headlines; do not publish grisly photos. Please respond to confirm that you have received this message. Thank you.

Results of Incident: No known results.