4 Photographers, 4 Visions (exhibition)

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Date: 2003

Region: North America

Subject: Nudity

Medium: Photography

Artist: Steve Lewin, John Seward, Melanie Seward and Jansen Sterba.

Confronting Bodies: Board and director of the Charles B. Goddard Art Center

Dates of Action: October 2003

Location: Ardmore, Oklahoma

Description of Artwork: There were 80 prints in the exhibit, 4 Photographers, 4 Visions. Lewin's photos were described as "abstract in the purest sense." John Seward uses mirrors to distort nude human figures into abstract forms - this was the controversial work that led to the cancellation of the whole show. Melanie Seward uses a plastic camera called a Holga to create images of people in a natural setting. Jansen Sterba uses a Holga and an old 35mm camera to create distorted images of nature.

The Incident: The exhibit was on display from October 1 until October 22, when the Goddard Center board voted to remove it. The Center director, Mort Hamilton, suggested that it was "too provocative for Ardmore." Several years ago another exhibit was removed from the Center for placing an American flag on the floor, violating "flag statutes."

Results of Incident: The entire show was closed. Hamilton stated that a new exhibit will be installed the following week.

Source: www.ardmoreite.com