A Cry for Help (sculpture)

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Date: 2000

Region: North America

Subject: Political/Economic/Social Opinion Nudity

Medium: Sculpture


Artist: Paul Perrotti

Confronting Bodies: Joan Heybruck, spokesperson for American Red Cross; Milford, Conn chapter of the American Red Cross

Date of Action: November, 2000

Location: Milford, Connecticut, USA

Description of Artwork: The sculpture, A Cry for Help, is of a half naked woman who appears to be in agony sitting on a submarine.

The Incident: Critics of the work called it "obscene" and "frightening to children." Perrotti stated that such criticism was "narrow-minded."

Results of Incident: The Red Cross chapter removed the sculpture after claiming the work was a potential distraction to drivers.

Source: Emmett Murphy, "Art Business News"