Al-Azhar University

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Date: 1997


Subject: Religion, Political/Economic/Social Opinion

Medium: Literature,Textbook, Print Journalism

Al-Azhar University in Cairo, Egypt

Artist: Various authors censored

Confronting Bodies: The Islamic Research Center at Al-Azhar University

Dates of Action: 1997

Location: Egypt

Description of Artwork: 196 books written by various authors.

The Incident: The Islamic Research Center at Al-zhar University has legal authority to censor, but not to confiscate, all publications dealing with the Koran and Islamic scriptural texts. In recent years the Center has passed judgment on the suitability of nonreligious books and artistic productions. In 1997, Al-Azhar University compiled a list of 196 books to be banned on various moral and religious grounds.

Results of Incident: Al-Azhar University censored and banned 196 books due to their moral or religious content

Source: Democracy Frontline blog: Category:Cairo