Aldous Huxley Novels

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Date: 1930, 1936, 1953

Region: Europe, North America

Subject: Explicit Sexuality, Political/Economic/Social Opinion, Religion

Medium: Literature

Artist: Huxley, Aldous (1894-1963)

Confronting Bodies: Boston State, Irish State, National Organization of Decent Literature

Dates of Action: 1930, 1936, 1953

Location: U.S.A., Ireland

Description of Artwork: Antic Hay, 1923; Point Counter Point, 1928; Brave New World, 1932; Eyeless in Gaza, 1936

The Incident: Boston, MA, 1930: Antic Hay banned on grounds of obscenity. Ireland, 1930: Point Counter Point banned on the ground of "offending public morals." Ireland, 1936: Eyeless in Gaza banned.

Results of Incident: United States, 1953: Antic Hay was placed on the list of publications disapproved by the National Organization of Decent Literature. Ireland, 1953: Eyeless in Gaza unbanned by Appeal Board. Point Counter Point and other books still banned.

Source: Banned Books 387 B.C. to 1978 A.D., by Anne Lyon Haight, and Chandler B. Grannis, R.R. Bowker Co, 1978.