Anti-Wal-Mart Billboard

From Censorpedia

Artist: Local 342

Year: 2005

Date of Action: April 2005

Region: North America

Location: Staten Island

Subject: Political/Economic/Social Opinion

Medium: Commercial Advertising

Confronting Bodies: Clear Channel

Description of Artwork: A billboard expressing anti-Wal-Mart sentiments; the design contained a fire-breathing Godzilla posing near the Verrazano-Narrows Bridge. The text on the billboard: "The Wal-Monster will destroy Staten Island businesses and devastate our quality of life"

The Incident: Clear Channel, a radio network that also runs an outdoor advertising company, signed a contract with Local 342-- giving the group six months use of a billboard near Borough Hall in Staten Island. When the group planned to install an image with anti-Wal-Mart sentiments (in anticipation of an incoming new site in Staten Island) Clear Channel rejected the design, arguing that the piece was too inflammatory.

Results of Incident: Local 342, still eager to communicate the hazardous outgrowths that would surface from Wal-Mart's invasion into Staten Island, had to modify its billboard design.