Australia's Tea Tree Gallery Council censors nudes by Margaret Tuckey and Scott Eames

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Date: 2008 & 2009

Region: Australia

Subject: Nudity

Medium: Painting Sculpture


Artists: Margaret Tuckey (b. 1942) and Scott Eames (b. 1976)

Confronting Bodies: Tea Tree Gallery Council

Dates of Action: August 27, 2008 and May 6, 2009

Location: Tea Tree Gallery, Tea Tree Gully, Australia

Description of Artwork: a soft painting of a nude woman and a sculpture of a nude female torso

The Incident: Experienced Banksia Park artist and lecturer Margaret Tuckey, 66, and budding sculptor Scott Eames, 32, have been told by council staff their pieces were too "graphic to be included in the councils annual Painting and Ceramics Exhibition and Competition.

Results of Incident: The committee decided the council had a duty of care to protect Civic Centre visitors from any pieces of artwork depicting images containing perceived violence, racism, sexism, nudity, blasphemy, cultural discrimination and other issues that may be seen to be discriminatory or offensive. Margaret Tuckey will submit a nude painting to Tea Tree Gully Council's next art show in 2009 - in protest at bureaucratic guidelines requiring art that won't offend anyone.

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