Banned Book: Buster's Sugartime

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Artist: Marc Brown

Year: 2013

Date of Action: 9/28/13

Region: North America

Location: Houston, Texas

Subject: Political/Economic/Social Opinion, Youth

Medium: Literature

Confronting Bodies: Elementary school in Texas, Buster's Sugartime

Description of Artwork: A story about when Buster the bunny from the TV show, Arthur, on PBS Kids, goes with his father to visit Vermont, Buster sends postcards to his friends back home telling them what he is learning about maple syrup and the "mud season." It was published April 12th 2006 by Little, Brown Young Readers.

The Incident: This children's book has been banned because a parent at a Houston elementary school has voiced concerns over the fact that Buster has two moms. The parent did not want her child exposed to a book in which some characters were gay.

Results of Incident: The book has been removed from the school's library.