Board of Film Censors (Singapore)

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Date: 1992

Region: Asia

Subject: Political/Economic/Social Opinion

Medium: Film Video

Confronting Bodies: Board of Film Censors

Confronted Bodies: Art in Singapore

Dates of Action: May, 1992

Location: Singapore

Description of Artwork: "... films rated Resticted (Artistic), well produced films (sic) on the with a strong story and credible case that do not exploit issues of sex or violence and where scenes of sex, nudity and violence are relevent to the theme and plot" may not be shown on the (low cost housing) estates."

The Incident: The Board of Film Censors "... have shocked distributors by banning some films from low- cost housing areas. About 85% of the country's population, mainly lower-middle and working class, live in low-cost housing estates, self-contained "new towns" built by the government, with high rise blocks of apartments, shops and cinemas. Most of the apartments are owner occupied; retailers lease their shops... " About 40 cinemas will be affected. 'It makes no sense,' commented one distributor. Cinemas in housing estates have not been showing R (A) films anyway and residents can travel to cities to see them ."

Results of Incident: Golden Village Entertainment, a film distribution company, "... has sought a meeting with the chairman of the government-appointed Censorship Review Committee," who is more powerful than the film censors board, to ask for an explanation. The censorship review committeee is to make recomendations to the government soon."

Source: Mary Lee, Variety,"Singapore Slaps Ban on Racy Pics", May 18, 1992, pg. 41-42