Bridge to Terabithia

From Censorpedia

Date: 1993

Region: North America

Subject: Profanity

Medium: Literature


Artist: Katherine Paterson

Confronting Bodies: Parents of students and district board of education

Dates of Action: 1993

Location: Oskaloosa, Kansas

Description of Artwork: Bridge to Terabithia is a Newbury-Award winning novel covering the friendship between Jesse and Leslie. As part of their friendship, they develop their own fantasy world, Terabithia. In the tragic conclusion, Leslie accidentally dies in a creek.

The Incident: Parents raised concerns regarding the appropriateness of Bridge to Terabithia as a curriculum book, taking issue with the use of obscenities. The Oskaloosa school district board of education enacted policy changes.

Results of Incident: Teachers are now required to examine and tally the amount of profanities used in the books. They have to send a list of what profanities are used and how frequently they are used in a letter home to parents. Parents have to provide written permission for their child to read the book in the classroom.

Source:Sova, Dawn B. Literature Suppressed on Social Grounds. New York, Facts on File: 2006.