Challenged Book: Night Games

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Night games.jpg

Artist: Crystal Jordan

Year: 2013

Date of Action: 9/21/13

Region: North America

Location: Indianapolis, Indiana

Subject: Explicit Sexuality, Youth

Medium: Literature

Confronting Bodies: Library in Indiana, Night Games

Description of Artwork: Night Games by Crystal Jordan is an erotic paranormal romance novel, released in February of 2012.

The Incident: An elderly woman in Indianapolis, Indiana, has voiced her concern over the sexual content that is in the novel Night Games by Crystal Jordan when her nine year old grandson checked out the novel from the WEst Indianapolis Branch Library. She was appalled by the erotic and sexually graphic material in the novel.

Results of Incident: The book is still in the library. To ban one book from the shelves is to ban any book from the shelves. The library is a public domain in which any reader should be allowed to explore its halls and discover the joy and creativity reading can foster.

Although some literature may not yet be appropriate for some young readers, that level of maturity is up to parents and guardians to determine in the privacy of their homes and not in the halls of our public libraries.