Cooked Christ (film)

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Artist: Javier Krahe

Year: 1978, 2012

Date of Action: May 2012

Region: Europe

Location: Spain

Subject: Religion


Confronting Bodies: Centro Juridico Tomas Moro

Description of Artwork: "The film uses culinary language and images to show viewers how to 'remove the nails and separate him from the crucifix, which we leave to one side' before the white ebony figure of Christ is shown being lightly smothered in butter, placed on a bed of aromatic herbs in a glass tray, and popped into an oven. Another culinary 'guideline' recommends using a proportion of 'one gaunt Christ' for each two potential diners. 'After three days inside, he comes out of the cooker by himself!' is the film's punchline as the oven door opens unassisted and the tray with the 'cooked Christ' slides magically forwards." [1]

The Incident: In May 2012, Catholic legal association the Centro Juridico Tomas Moro brought charges against Krahe for "offending religious feelings." The law which Krahe allegedly broke had never been invoked before in Spanish legal history.

Results of Incident: According to one source, the charges have been dismissed, [2] although further verification is scant.


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