Corey Smith

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Artist: Corey Smith

Year: 2011

Date of Action: September 11, 2011

Region: North America

Location: Chattanooga, Tennessee

Subject: Political/Economic/Social Opinion

Medium: Music

Confronting Bodies: Chattanooga Police Department

Description of Artwork: Country artist Corey Smith's song "F*** The Po-Po" is censored in this incident due to its lyrical content. He describes in the lyrics of this track, various encounters with the police that have resulted in his growing hatred and feelings of disgust towards them due to their perpetuated unjust actions. He says they are all lying when they claim that their efforts are for the safety and betterment of society.

The Incident: Track 29, a concert venue in Chattanooga had to end Smith's performance early during the first verse of "F*** The Po-Po" which was the last song in his set. Track 29 employees unplugged his microphone during the song, ending his show abruptly after law enforcement(local police officers) complained and requested this song not be performed.

Results of Incident: After Smith's mic was unplugged, the audience rioted and the censorship incident was widely reported in the state of Tennessee. Track 29 released a public statement in which they apologized and ensured all whom were present that their actions were for the betterment, safety, and security of the audience members. Corey Smith released a statement in which he explains this incident as a disgusting example of his rights being taken away from him.