Discovery Works (textbook)

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Artist: N/A

Year: 1996

Date of Action: November 1996

Region: North America

Location: Marshall County, Kentucky

Subject: Political/Economic/Social Opinion

Medium: Textbook

Confronting Bodies: Superintendent Kenneth Shadowen

Description of Artwork: Discovery Works was a science textbook used in Marshall County's middle schools. It featured two pages elucidating the Big Bang Theory.

The Incident: Superintendent Kenneth Shadowen, after hearing complaints from parents about the book, recalled all of them from the students and ordered school staff to glue the two offending pages together.

Results of Incident: While there are reports that local parents Tracy and Jeff Shaw, who had three daughters in Marshall County's school district at the time, were thinking of suing the county, there is no record that the pages were ever unglued or that such a lawsuit took place.


Also "Big Bang Gets Big Glue in Ky Science Books," in the October 1, 1996 edition of "Church and State, as well as "Stuck in the Past," by Berry Craig in Progressive, November 1996 edition, Vol. 60, Issue 11.