Duality of Humanity; Obey (murals)

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Date: 2010

Region: North America

Subject: Political/Economic/Social Opinion

Medium: Public Art Painting


Artist: Shepard Fairey (b. 1974)

Confronting Bodies: Michael Claypool; Covington Independent Public Schools; Madisonville, KY

Dates of Action: May 20, 2010; May 25, 2010

Location: Covington and Madisonville, Kentucky, USA


Description of Artwork: The first mural to be painted over was Duality of Humanity 4 Pike Street. The images was of an Asian child soldier holding an automatic rifle. The second mural was of a large eye and said Obey. Never trust your own eyes. Believe what you are told.

The Incident: The Contemporary Arts Center in Minnesota was hosting an exhibition of Shepard Fairey's work on murals that he created throughout lower Minnesota and Western Kentucky. Duality of Humanity was painted on a building owned by Michael Claypool, which was in the line of sight of an elementary school. The mural recieved complaints from parents, and Claypool did not approve of the final product, so he ordered the wall to be whitewashed. The second mural, which was on the wall of a former nightclub, was discovered to have been painted over. No reason has been given for the coverup.

Results of Incident: The murals remain painted over.

Source: news.cincinnati.com