End of the Axis Powers: Comfort All That Mourn (pamphlet)

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Date: 1942

Region: Asia

Subject: Political/Economic/Social Opinion

Medium: Literature

Artist: J.F. Rutherford

Confronting Bodies: British government in Colonial India

Dates of Action: August 1942

Location: India

Description of Artwork: The pamphlet End of the Axis Powers: Comfort All That Mourn reads: "British Commonwealth of Nations and the nations supporting that empire. It does not advocate and support Jehovah's Theocratic Government by Jesus Christ, and is...therefore against the Kingdom of God."

The Incident: J.F. Rutherford put together the pamphlet during World War II condemning both the Axis and Allied forces. His pamphlet accused the Allies of sinning by not fighting for the "Theocracy." The British colonial powers in India banned the pamphlet and confiscated all copies.

Results of Incident: The pamphlet was forbidden from publication, sale and distribution in August 1942.

Source: Censorship, A World Encyclopedia, ed. D. Jones