Faith Ringgold: A View from the Studio

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Artist: Faith Ringgold

Year: 1970's

Date of Action: 1970

Region: North America

Location: Judson Memorial Church in the West Village

Subject: Political/Economic/Social Opinion

Medium: Public Art

Confronting Bodies:

Description of Artwork: "The authorities were less forgiving that same year when, to protest the arrest of gallerist Stephen Radich for showing works by Marc Morrel incorporating the American flag, Ringgold helped put together a show of art featuring flags at the Judson Memorial Church in the West Village. “How dare you tell artists what they can do?” Ringgold said. “That’s the beginning of some really bad funk—bad, bad, bad.” On the penultimate day of the exhibition, plainclothes officers showed up and arrested two of the curators, Jon Hendricks and Jean Toche, along with Ringgold’s daughter Michele, giving up the latter only when Ringgold explained that, no, it was she who should be arrested."

The Incident: Not provided yet.

Results of Incident: Not provided yet.