Fat Cat Canada's Giant Litter Box

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Date: 2011

Region: North America

Subject: Political/Economic/Social Opinion

Medium: Digital Print


Artist: Franke James

Confronting Bodies: Canada's Climate Change Office at the Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade

Dates of Action: May 2011

Location: Canada

Description of Artwork: Digital prints compiled into a photo essay

The Incident: The Canadian government withdrew funding from James' 20-city European art exhibition on climate change, and pressured art NGO Nektarina Non Profit to cancel James' exhibition.

Results of Incident: Due to pressure from the Canadian government, Nektarina Non Profit withdrew additional funding for the exhibition, which resulted in the exhibition's cancellation.

Source: Canada's Approach to Inconvenient Art, The New York Times Fat Cat Canada's Giant Litter Box (photo essay in full)