Fenomenale feminatheek (Phenomenal Library of Women)

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Date: 2008

Region: Europe

Subject: Nudity

Medium: Photography


Artist: Louis Paul Boon

Confronting Bodies: the FotoMuseum of Antwerp

Dates of Action: 2008

Location: Provincie Antwerpen, Belgium

Description of Artwork: Fenomenale Feminateek (Phenomenal Library of Women) is a collection by Louis Paul Boon of 22400 images of female eroticism compiled in 144 volumes.

The Incident: Exhibit prohibited by local government of Antwerp.

Results of Incident: Exhibit cancelled in the FotoMuseum resulted in a lot of media attention. However, the curator of the "Zogezegd" literary festival in Gent confirmed shortly after the Antwerp decision became known end of January 2008, that the plans to show the images at the Gent festival in April 2008 remain unchanged.

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