Festival International d’Art Singulier

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Artist: Marie Morel & Demin

Year: 2014

Date of Action: June 23, 2014

Region: Europe

Location: City of Aubagne, France

Subject: Explicit Sexuality, Nudity

Medium: Installation, Painting, Sculpture

Confronting Bodies: Aubagne Municipality

Description of Artwork: The artwork of Marie Morel is a large-scale erotic painting titled L’Amour. The sculpture of artist Demin is a kinetic work of a woman giving birth, complete with red-colored water, titled Machine à Accoucher.

The Incident: The mayor's office claimed the works were "pornographic". The municipality pressured the festival organizers to censor the works of Morel and Demin.

In response, the organizers of the festival cancelled it completely. Danielle Jacqui, the festival director, stepped down because of the controversy.

Results of Incident: Both of the artists have spoken out against the censorship. Morel claims that the censorship is a "growing trend toward excessive caution around erotic art."